Show 08-15

Week of 04/08/08
Sponsored by Bojak Records featuring Jude Johnstone
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Ani Di Franco Canon (14) Righteous Babe
Eddi Reader PeaceTime (13) Compass
Emmy Lou Harris Songbird (1) Rhino
Kellie Coffey Walk On (10) Duet
Reagan Boggs Right Now (4) Reagan Boggs
Kate York Sadly Love (10) Kate York
Jan Krist When Planets Collide (1) OutPost
Jude Johnstone (Featured Artist) Blue Light (1) BoJak Records
Lisa Moscatiello Trouble From the Start (2) Machine Heart
Noe Venable The Summer Storm Journals (2) Viriditas
Brittney Elizabeth Breathe In (2) Desert Sunrise
Courtney Fairchild Quit (2) Stanley

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