Show 08-38

Week of 9/16/08
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Chris Pureka Dryland (2) Sad Rabbit
Emily Asen 6 song EP-Avalanche (1) Violet Maiden
Cara Aley Bend (5) Cara Aley
Eilen Jewell Boundary County (9) Eilen Jewell
Susan Werner The Gospel Truth (1) Sleeve Dog
Louise Taylor Written in Red (2) Signature Sounds
Judith Owen Happy This Way (4) Courgette
Krystle Warren Dairy (1) Velour
Rickie Lee Jones Duchess of Coolsville (1) Rhino
Lisbeth Scott Dove (6) Zone
Audrey Martell Life Lines (9) Audrey Martell
Aurah Etherea Borealis (5) Very Music

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