Show 11-21

Week of 5/24/11
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Sheryl Crow Detours (7) A&M
The Weepies Hideaway (2) Nettwerk
Merrie Amsterburg Clementine & Other Stories (8) Q Division
M’Liss Calzaretta Shadows and Split Aparts (6) M’Liss Calzaretta
Tracy Grammer Flower of Avalon (1) Signature Sounds
Emmy Lou Harris Stumble Into Grace (4) Nonesuch
Bex Marshall Kitchen Table (5) House of Mercy
Danielia Cotton Rare Child (7) Cottontown
Kelly Richey Carry the Light (1) Sweet Lucy
La Forza Dance Music for Your Mind (3) La Forza
Anna Schaad Dream Within A Dream (10) Raven Fiddle
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