Show 11-26

Week of 6/28/11
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Edie Carey Bring the Sea (1) Edie Carey
Norine Braun No. 8 (4) Braun & Brains
Dala Everyone is Someone (1) Compass/Campus
Kajsa Vala Your Train (10) High Horse
Abigail Washburn City of Refuge (3) Rounder
Carrie Rodriguez She Ain’t Me (3) Manhattan
Natalia Zukerman Gas Station Roses (3) Weasel
Emily Asen To The Marrow (7) Violet Maiden
Melissa Ferrick Freedom (9) What Are Records
Brazilian Girls New York City (9) Verve/Forecast
Everything But the Girl Temperamental (8) Atlantic
Emily Zuzik Domestic Blitz (2) Emily Zuzik
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