Show 19-06

Week of 2/5/19
Black History Month Special
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Tracy Chapman Telling Stories (7) Elektra
Sweet Honey in the Rock Selection 1960-1988 (14) Flying Fish
Odetta Lookin’ for a Home (11) MC Records
Nina Simone The Blues (16) Novus/BMG
Mary Lou Williams Black Christ of the Andes (14) Smithsonian Folkways
Dr. Maya Angelou Black Pearls (12) Rhino/Word Beat
Pantera Saint-Montaigne Yummy (1) Orisha
Les Nubians Echos (20) Triloka
Sibongile Khumalo Women on Africa (4) Putumayo
Coumba Sidibe Divas of Mali (6) Shanachie
Judith Sephuma Women of Africa (1) Putumayo
Miriam Makeba Homeland (9) Putumayo
Intro-Edwina Lee Tyler Things Are Gonna Change (6) Edwina Lee Tyler
Outro-Ndumiso African Groove (12) Putumayo
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