Show 9-18

Week of 5/5/09
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
K T Tunstall Acoustic Extravaganza (7) Rentless/Virgin
Sylvie Lewis Translations (2) Cheap Lullaby
Suzy Callahan My Own Personal Watermelon (8) Scared Guy
Abi Tapia The Beauty in the Ruin (1) Moon House
Carrie Elkin The Jeopardy of Circumstance (4) Carrie Elkin
Donna The Buffalo Silverlined (1) Sugar Hill
Capercaillie Roses and Tears (6) Vertical/Compass
Loreena McKennitt An Ancient Muse (2) Quinlan Road
BioMusique The 10,000 Steps (1) Kosmic
Sathima Bea Benjamin A Morning In Paris (1) Ekapa
Rosey Luckiest Girl (2) Quango
Gardel Martini Tango Songs From Argentina (1) Kosmica/Allegro

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