Show 9-32

Week of 08/11/09
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Melissa Ferrick Goodbye Youth (1) Right On
Ani Di Franco Canon (2) Righteous Babe
Catie Curtis Sweet Life (6) Compass
Denice Franke Gulf Coast Blues (3) Certain Records
Annie Keating Belmont (1) Annie Keating
Carrie Elkin The Jeopardy of Circumstance (2) Carrie Elkin
Two Loons For Tea Nine Lucid Dreams (6) Sarathan
Rebecca Martin The Growing Season (1) Sunnyside
Lisa Moscatiello Trouble From the Start (3) Machine heart
Gold Box Kingdom Flowers (1) Strawberry Canyon
Susannah Blinkoff Let’s Pretend (3) Bunny Head
Donna Lewis In the Pink (3) Peruzzi

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