Show 19-35

Week of 8/27/19
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Pepper Proud Riddles & Rhymes (11) Pepper Proud
Chris Pureka How I Learned To See In The Dark (4) Sad Rabbit
The Boxcar Lilies Sugar Shack (9) The Boxcar Lilies
Karine Polwart Traces (3) Borealis
Annabelle Chvostek Rise (8) Borealis
Pauline Scanlon Red Colour Sun (2) Compass
Julia Easterlin Under the Influence (1) Heavy Rotation
Francesca Lee The Pieces Left (1) Modo Rama
Courtney Jaye Love & Forgiveness (8) Courtney Jaye
Annie Grace & Lynn Morrison womenof the World -Celtic 2 (9) Putumayo
Mouth Music TEh Best of Both Worlds (1) Ryko
Talitha MacKenzie Spiorad (spirit) (6) Sonas
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