Show 08-04

Week of 1/22/07
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Erica Wheeler Three Wishes (3) Signature Sounds
Patty Griffin Respond 2 (10) Signature Sounds
Abra Moore 13 ways to Live (1) Red House
E.G. Kight Takin’ It Easy (12) Blue South
Rory Block Tornado (7) Rounder
Michelle Malone Sugarfoot (6) SBS Records
Michelle Mangione Life Beneath the Sun (8) Michelle Mangione
Libby Johnson Annabella (9) Wrong Records
Kate York Sadly Love (1) Kate York
Carla Hassett Quero Saber (8) Paulista Records
Mosquitos Mosquitos 3 (7) Bar None
Zera Vaughn Back to the Roots (3) Zera Vaughn
Susheela Raman Music for Crocodiles (9) Narada

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