Show 08-05

Week of 1/29/08
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Merrie Amsterburg Clementine & Other Stories (6) Q Division
Kym Tuvim Nothing Sweet Nothing (5) RetroFit
Mindy Smith Long Island Shores (1) Vanguard
Devon Sproule Keep Your Silver Shined (10) City Salvage/Waterbug
Charlotte Kendrick North of New York (1) Wondermore
Terri Hendrix The Spiritual Kind (5) Wilory
Sara Bareilles & Sonos Sunday Music (8) Big Helium
Lovesprials Long Way From Home (3) Chillcuts
Two Loons For Tea Nine Lucid Dreams (6) Sarathan
Melissa Ferrick In The Eyes of Strangers (3) Right On
K T Tunstall Acoustic Extravaganza (8) Relentless/Virgin
Patty Griffin Flaming Red (2) A&M

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