Show 08-17

Week of 4/22/08
Earth Day Special
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Katya Chorover Off the Map (6) Cat and Mouse
Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman (6) Elektra
Erica Wheeler From That Far (9) Blue pie
Blame Sally Live No. 1 (1) Blame Sally
Ember Swift Disarming (9) Ember Swift
Lisa Kane Surroundings (4) Lisa Kane
Libby Kirkpatrick Goodnight Venus (1) Heart Music
Poem by Vickie Sears “Pow Wow”
Ulali Music for the Native Americans (2) Capitol
Sharon Burch Colors of My Heart (12) Canyon
The Wailing Jennys 40 Days (6) Red House
Poem of Eleanor Limmer from An Alchemy of Joy Freedom Press
More Info: Earth Day is Everyday
Earth Day Info from
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