Show 08-22

Week of 5/27/08
Sponsored By Retrofit Records Featuring Kym Tuvim’s Nothing Sweet Nothing
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Katie Sawicki Time Spent Lost (2) Katie Sawicki
Meg Hutchinson Come Up Full (11) Red House
Kym Tuvim (Featured Artist) Nothing Sweet Nothing (5) click here to buy RetroFit Records
Eddi Reader Peacetime (7) Compass
Cady Finlayson Irish Coffee (5) Cady Finlayson
Heidi Talbot In Love & Light (4) Compass
Noe Venable The Summer Storm Journals (1) Viriditas
Shauna Burns The Moon and the Fire Circle (10) Red Rock
Imogen Heap Speak For Yourself (1) RCA
Les Nubians Echos (20) Triloka
DivaSonic Changing Wind (1) Digital Bliss
Lorrie Ruiz/Chewy Chewy (2) Fireworx
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