Show 08-23

Week of 6/03/08
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Rachael Cantu Run All Night (7) Q Division
Juliana Finch 5 song EP (1) Juliana Finch
Katie Sawicki Black Boots (6) Bend
Lily Holbrook Everything was Beautiful & Nothing Hurt (5) Back Porch
Shelly Miller Morning Somewhere (4) Shelly Miller
Jennifer Greer The Apiary (5) Little Athena
Brandi Shearer Pink Lady (1) Amoeba
Sonya Kitchell Words Came Back To Me (7) Velour
k. d. lang Shadowland (7) Sire
Norah Jones Feels Like Home (12) Blue Note
Tina Dico In the Red (4) Defend
Mindy Smith Long Island Shores (11) Vanguard
Cara Aley Bend (5) Cara Aley

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