Show 08-30

Week of 7/22/08
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Diana Jones My Remembrance of You (4) New Song
Kat Mills Two (8) Collective Works
Mindy Smith Long Island Shores (8) Vanguard
The Gruff The Gruff (1) Goat Tea
Laura Cortese Even the Lost Creek (1) Cortese Music
Pauline Scanlon Red Colour Sun (2) Compass
Halie Loren Full Circle (4) White Moon
Julie Bonk Different Shades of Blue (12) Julie Bonk
Perla Batalla Bird On the Wire (10) Mechuda Music
Erin McKeown We Will Become Like Birds (2) Nettwerk
Rena Jones Driftwood (9) Native State
Telepopmusik Angel Milk (1) Capitol

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