Show 08-46

Week of 11/11/08
Sponsored By Red Parlor Records Featuring Joy Askew’s New CD The Pirate of Eel Pie
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Sally Barris Restless Soul (1) WrenSong
Kellie Coffey Walk On (6) Duet, Inc.
Kelly Willis Translated From Love (2) Ryko Disc
Courtney Fairchild Quit (3) Stanley Recordings
Sarah Bettens Shine (10) Cocoon
Amy Speace Songs for Bright Street (2) WildFlower
Tracy Grammer Flower of Avalon (1) Signature Sounds
Joy Askew (Featured Artist) The Pirate of Eel Pie (2) click here to buy Red Parlor
Kim Richey Rise (8) Lost Highway
Happy Rhodes Many Worlds Are Born Tonight (2) Samson Music
Susheela Raman Music For Crocodiles (9) Narada
Karmacoda Illuminate (1) Sola Musa
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