Show 11-24

Week of 6/14/11
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Birdie Busch Penny Arcade (7) Bar None
The Strangelings Season of the Witch (1) The Kennedys
Laura Love Welcome to Pagan Place (10) Koch
Holly Figueroa Gifts & Burdens (4) Holly Figueroa
Madison Violet No Fool for Trying (3) True North
Joy Kills Sorrow Darkness sure Becomes This City (9) Signature Sounds
ALana Davis Fortune Cookies (3) Elektra
Francesca Lee The Pieces Left (4) Moda Rama
Tina Dico In The Red (5) Defend Music
Laura Warshauer Laura Warshauer (7) Island
Melissa Etheridge The Awakening (14) Island
NLX Bitch Get Fit (15) NLX Music
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