Show 11-36

Week of 9/6/11
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Kym Tuvim Nothing Sweet Nothing (5) Retrofit
Emily Asen To the Marrow (3) Violet Maiden
Garrison Starr The Sound of You & Me (1) Vanguard
Bex Marshall Kitchen Table (5) House of Mercy
Terri Hendrix Left Over Alls (1) Wilory
Cara Luft The Light Fantastic (4) Blue Hen/Blue Case
Eileen Ivers Wild Blue (7) Green Linnet
Equation The Lucky Few (3) Putumayo
The Imagined Village The Imagined Village (7) Real World
Yunchen Lbamo Ama (9) Real World
Annie Lennox Bare (2) BMG/J Reocrds
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