Show 11-42

Week of 10/18/11
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Kristi Rae Time, Be Lit (10) Kristi Rae
Annabella Say Goodnight (1) Annabella the Band
Sarah Fimm Red Yellow Sun (7) Sarah Fimm
Madison Violet No Fool For Trying (1) True North
Emmy Lou Harris Songbird (1) Rhino
Carrie Rodriguez She Ain’t Me (7) Manhattan
Two Loons For Tea Nine Lucid Dreams (2) Sarathan
Francesca Lee The Pieces Left (3) Modorama
Beth Orton Daybreaker (2) astralwerks
Panda Transport Monorail (2) Kinderlust
Matson Belle Goodbye Juggernault (3) Matson Belle
Mary Asque I Was Told There’d Be Cake (4-5) Mary Asque
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