Show 14-04

Week of 1/28/14
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Carrie Rodriguez Give Me All You Got (5) Ninth Street Opus
Mandy Fer & Dave McGraw Seed of a Pine (8) dave&mandy music
The Creek Walkers Slow Motion Sky (3) Snake River
Joy Kills Sorrow darkness sure Becomes This City (7) Signature Sounds
Caroline Herring Camilla (3) Signature Sounds
Rising Appalachia The Sails of Self (13) Rising Appalachia
Janita Haunted (5) Engine Company
Morley Undivided (1) Morely Music
Kendra Morris Banshee (1) Wax Poetics
Dub Colossus Addis Through the Looking Glass (3) Real World
Dobet Gnahore Na Afriki (2) Cumbancha
Mahotella Queens South African Legends (4) Putumayo
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