Show 14-24

Week of 6/17/14
Artist Release (Cut No.) Label
Kelcy Mae Pennies in Hand (4) Parish Road
Sonnet Cottage Another Time (1) Marion Street
Shook Twins Window (3) ShooK Twins
Buffy Sainte-Marie Running for the Drum (4) Appleseed
The Chapin Sisters Two (4) Lake Bottom
Ani diFranco Red Letter Year (4) Righteous Babe
Princess Erika Tan Ou’il Y Aura (6) Globetrotter
Nneka Soul Is Heavy (6) Decon/YoMama’s Recording Co.
Les Nubians Echos:Chaper One- Nubian Voyager (12) Triloka
Eddi reader, Mahotella Queens 1 Giant Leap (9) Palm
AO Music and Love Rages On (3) Arcturian Gate
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